Natural Renewable Energy Systems

We are bringing ground breaking technology into the global Quantum Market Place. Our world leading team of experts have developed advanced solid state organic batteries with life spans of up to 30 years. These high performance storage systems contains no hazardous chemistry and are very efficient in storing high Cs.

With our fast charging technology, we are able to charge a battery with high C within 5 -10 minutes. Our fast charge and discharge systems for conventional EV batteries are able to discharge a lithium ion battery within minutes. The recharge cycle takes up to around 6-10 minutes for a full charge that can allow the EV a range of up to 700 kilometers.

Developed in-house by our team of scientists and engineers QAC Asia Pacific is now delivering to market systems for evaluation and testing. Production will commence within this quarter. Our energy systems are the best of breed in the industry and leads by more than 4 times in performance, cost and sustainability.
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